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What is Kinkferansen:

The Kink Conference is an annual BDSM and fetish conference in Norway. SMil Norge, a national organization for BDSM and fetish, has organized this conference 9 times. It has been organized in various places in Norway during these 9 years, and is often organized together with BDSM / fetish clubs in the city Kinkferansen is organized in. This is the 10th conference, and it will be possible to attend various lectures, panel debates and workshops. 

The goal of the Kink Conference is to share knowledge nationally and lead to safer practices, in order to create a safer and more competent environment in Norway. Some of the participants are professionals with relevant academic education, and some are people who practice BDSM and have interesting insights or skills that are worth hearing more about. We have speakers and visitors from both Norway and abroad. Most often, there are parallels, where three different themes are addressed at the same time, so that we can cover as much interest as possible. We aim for as many as possible to find something interesting and educational in our program.


When does ticket sales open?

November 15, 2019 for all

How much does it cost?
Earlybird: 1000 kr
Ordinary: 1250 kr
Day pass: 500 kr
Party pass: 350 kr

Hotels nearby:

Participants must arrange accommodation themselves. We recommend that you look for accommodation near Majorstuen, as this is where the Kinkferansen is held this year. Airbnb is another option. Possibly other kinksters may open their home for accommodation if you ask at www.fetlife.com or in the forum at www.smil-norge.no

When is it and when do we start and end?

We start on Friday at 17:00 and end at 17:00 on Sunday

Can I participate or do I have to sit on a board of directors in one of the kink organizations?

The kink conference is for anyone over the age of 18 with an interest in the field, there will be some open lectures with an age limit of 16 years. If you have questions about the age limit on specific items in the program, you can send an email to kinkferansen@gmail.com

Is there any kind of discount (students, couples or similar)?
No, unfortunately not. We have 30 earlybird tickets at a reduced price.

Can I just come to the party?
Yes you can. The price for just a party is 350 NOK

What should I wear at the conference?
Most people show up here in ordinary everyday clothes. There will be dresscode at the party on Saturday night.

What should I wear at the party?
Theme for the Kink Conference is "Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is OK"
Here you can wear mostly sexy, erotic and kinky. Classic fetish, lingerie and full black funk. Dress, dress and white, tuxedo is sexy as just that, old-fashioned dresses from the baroque era are gorgeous, southern state sexy and corsets or what about the pinup? Imagination helps you, creativity is valued and we award the best outfits.

Will there be someone I can play with there?
Since we are not a hookup service you have to find someone to play with yourself.

Are there any rules at the party / conference?
Yes, these will be hung up and available to everyone. We also publish them on the website ahead of the Kink conference.

Is it possible to sit out a lecture, in case there is something I am not interested in?
Yes, you choose how much you want to participate.

What do we get to eat this weekend?
There will be lunch available both days, as well as coffee, tea, water and fruit.

Is it wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the whole room is wheelchair accessible, but in that case the venue needs to be notified in advance. Send us an email at kinkferansen@gmail.com so we can have it ready for you.

Is there a place I can relax and avoid talking to anyone?
As of now, there are no separate areas for this, but Majorstuen has good opportunities for some recreation in the Vigeland Park, for example.

Is there a kiosk?
Not run by us, but there is a good selection of shops and kiosks around the premises we are supposed to be in.

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